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A Letter to our readers:


My name is Erin Green and since I write this wine blog I thought you might be interested in knowing a little about who I am and what this blog in intended for.

Who I Am: I am a level 2 Sommelier and I have quite a history working in the wine industry. When I was nine years old my mother remarried and my step dad's family had just started growing grapes in Lamesa, Texas which is located in the lower part of the Texas Panhandle (northwest). From that point on I became part of a journey that has led me to where I am today. Growing up in a vineyard is an interesting perspective on the wine industry; but lets be real- it is still farming. It sounds really cool and sophisticated but it is a lot of hard work. The experience did teach me the value of the hard work people put into growing wine, which makes me appreciate every glass of wine in existence today. When I left home for college I had no intention of staying in the wine industry, as I was a little burned out on the whole farming thing. However, what started as a part time job to get through college, led me to my career. I have now been working in the wine industry for 6 years. I have been with Fiesta Winery for over 3 years now as an Assistant Tasting Room Manager, and now, I have switched over to Event Coordinator to further pursue my wine passion and education. I also received my Level 2 Sommelier* status in the summer of 2016.

I absolutely love every aspect of this industry from growing all the way to sipping a glass at the end of the day.

The Point of this Blog:

There is a common misconception that I hear from some of our customers: everyone seems to think that when you work in a winery you get to drink all day as much as you want. This isn't true! (Although secretly I wish I could!) But, I get to do the next best thing! I get to live my passion for wine every day and I get to share that passion with others. So stay with me as this is going to be FUN! As a reader you will get to hear the real side of working in the wine industry. The goal that I intend for you as a reader is to become more educated while also having a great time. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts!

I have learned so much on my journey in this industry and I am excited to share it with you. Let the fun begin!

With Love,

Erin Green

* [Is a person who is well educated in all aspects of wine. They know wine making, grape growing, wine history, taste profiles, professional service etiquette, and how to pair wine with foods. Sommelier's are key components to the fine dining industry as well as other aspects of wine sales and consumption.]

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