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Tex Way ROSÉ

One of the Fiesta Family’s favorite summer wines is our Tex Way Rosé in a can, a light and refreshing wine with the most beautiful, light-pink complexion. As it has recently increased in popularity, one could be led to believe that Rosé is a new fad in the wine world. Much to the contrary, it may very well be the oldest-known wine in existence due to the simple yet intricate ways it can be made. With National Rosé Day just around the corner – Saturday, June 9th – we thought we would share a little bit of Rosé knowledge with you!

Known as Rosado in Spanish and Rosato in Italian, Rosé originates from France but is now made with a wide variety of grapes all over the world. Depending on the method used to make it, Rosé can vary from pale pink to almost purple, ranging from a dry Provencal to a sweet Zinfandel. Rosés can be made still, sparkling, or semi-sparkling, which means there is one for every occasion!

Rosé can be made in several ways, the most common of which is the skin-contact method. This involves the early pressing and fast maceration of red grapes. During this process, the red, color-contributing particles, called tannins, leak from the skin of the grapes tinting the wine. Because this process typically only lasts 12-24 hours, (as compared to red wine maceration of multiple days and weeks) the resulting color is much lighter than other red-grape wines. Another common method of Rosé production is Saignée, which is French for bleed, and quite literally involves bleeding off the grape must to more deeply compound the color and taste of the Rosé. The Vin Gris method of Rosé making involves a very brief skin-contact and virtually zero maceration, producing a very pale-pink wine.

Several studies have proven that the color of a wine strongly influences a person’s opinion of it. Maybe that’s why Fiesta Winery’s Tex Way Rosé is so popular among female customers! Rosés in France can be mango, mandarin, grapefruit, red currant, peach, or melon in color, while New World Rosés are traditionally light-pink. Our own Tex Way Rosé is 100% grown Texas Dolcetto and is a lightly carbonated, refreshing, semi-sweet wine that is canned at our facility in Bend, TX.

While not every Rosé is made equally, we believe that most of them are WONDERFUL! We hope that your new knowledge of Rosé makes you love it even more!

In honor of National Rosé Day, Fiesta Winery wishes you a very cheerful “CHEERS.”

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