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How to make the BEST Lemonade you'll ever have!

Love Lemonade?

Love Strawberry?

Let's put them together!!!

It's so simple and refreshing!

Strawberry Lemonade

Step 1. Grab your favorite glass.

Step 2. Put desired amount of ice in it.

Step 3. Fill the glass halfway with Simply Lemonade.

Step 4. Fill the other half of the glass with Fiesta Winery's Savannah Rose.

Step 5. Drink and Enjoy!

*Please note that this recipe is very versatile. Your Savannah Rose to Lemonade ratio can be customized to you personal preferences. Feeling frisky? Maybe it's an 80/20 kind of day. Like a hint of strawberry with your lemons? Go 30/70 today!

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