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Easter Brunch: Elevate Your Easter Feast with Our New Rosés

Is there a better time to unveil new flavors than just before a major holiday? Certainly not, and Fiesta Winery knows the score. We’re thrilled to introduce our three latest rosé wines, arriving just in time to grace your Easter brunch table. Let’s take a closer look at these vibrant newcomers and explore how they can take your Easter celebration from simple to sublime.

Fiesta Vineyard in the Spring

2023 Chicky Baby: A Burst of Spring

Meet the 2023 Chicky Baby, a semi-sweet rosé with a cheeky name that’s bound to become a conversation starter. Its delightful aromas of apple and lemon custard are the very essence of spring, offering a crisp finish that's a balance of sweet and zesty. It pairs wonderfully with the light and fluffy textures of brunch favorites—think a pillowy quiche or a delicate fruit salad. The wine’s playful spirit is just the thing to add a spark to your Easter festivities.

Birds of a Feather Barbera Rosé: Sophistication in Every Sip

Elegance arrives with Birds of a Feather, our Barbera Rosé that boasts a bright cranberry color and enticing aromas of ripe plum and cherry. With its clean taste and crisp acidity, this wine is a fantastic companion to the savory notes of your brunch spread. It’s a natural alongside a herbed potato hash or a platter of smoked salmon and cream cheese crostinis. Let this rosé bring a touch of sophistication to your gathering, proving that finesse and flavor can go hand in hand.

Summer Bliss Malbec Rosé: Refreshing Harmony

Finally, Summer Bliss makes its grand entrance. This Malbec Rosé, with its pale pink allure and fresh floral aromas, whispers of warm days to come. With a gentle yet persuasive character, it’s perfect alongside lighter fare. Pair it with a fluffy frittata for a refreshing harmony of flavors. Summer Bliss is like the soft touch of sunshine on a cool morning—the very essence of Easter.

Fiesta Winery Vineyard

Fiesta Winery is excited to present these delightful rosé wines, each ready to add a special touch to your Easter brunch. It’s a time for family, for celebration, and for enjoying the blooming splendors of spring. With each bottle of Fiesta’s finest, you’re not just pouring a glass of wine—you’re pouring a glass of festivity, handcrafted to elevate your Easter feast.

Raise a glass to fresh beginnings, to cherished company, and to a meal that will linger in your memory. With Fiesta Winery's newest rosé wines, your Easter will be more than a meal—it will be a fiesta to remember. Cheers to spring, cheers to life, and cheers to the perfect pairings that await on your Easter table!


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