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Family Traditions: A Glimpse into the History of Fiesta Winery

In the heart of Central Texas, the Fiesta Winery enterprise stands as a shining example of family tradition and winemaking excellence. With four intentionally designated locations, this family-owned gem has transformed into a household name across the country from a simple vision that began in the Baxter family kitchen in Bend, TX.

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It all started with Stephen Baxter experimenting with winemaking. From his initial experiments in the family kitchen, their efforts blossomed, growing the business significantly. Weston McCoury, the winemaker and general manager, who is also Stephen and Sally's son-in-law, has been instrumental in this growth, while their daughter Savannah Baxter McCoury, also a general manager, brings her artistic touch to the brand through graphic design, social media marketing, event planning, and the management of the growing bistro.

The winery has expanded beyond its original location, now boasting four unique spots across Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country. The flagship Fiesta Vineyard & Winery in Bend marks the origin of their winemaking adventure. Then, in the heart of the Wine Country in Fredericksburg, they offer two tasting rooms: one on Highway 290 and another vibrant spot on Main Street. Their Marble Falls location provides another delightful setting to experience Fiesta Winery's offerings.

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Each Fiesta Winery location invites visitors to be themselves, develop their own palette, and learn more about wine in a unique and fun way that avoids the pretense or expectations of some high-end wineries. Whether it's the slower pace of Bend, the lively Main Street in Fredericksburg, the picturesque Hill Country views on 290, or the quaint charm of Marble Falls, there's a memorable experience waiting for everyone at each location. The Fiesta Winery staff ensures every guest feels like part of the Fiesta Family.

Fiesta Winery prides itself on the fact that our wine menu truly offers something for every wine enthusiast. Their extensive selection ranges from delightfully sweet whites to robust, dry reds. Whether you're a fan of a lighter, sweeter sip or prefer the complexity of a dry red, Fiesta Winery has a bottle that's sure to please your palate. This variety not only showcases the skill and versatility of their winemaking but also ensures that every visitor can find a wine that resonates with their individual taste.

Fiesta is more than just a winery; it's a feeling—a celebration of family, history, and shared joy in exceptional winemaking. The Baxter family warmly invites you to join them and experience the care and craftsmanship in each bottle of wine. So, when you're in the area, stop by and toast to the rich history and vibrant future of Fiesta Winery, a true embodiment of Texas tradition and family spirit.


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