Vineyard & Winery | towards Bend, TX



18727 W FM 580

Lometa, TX 76853


Located 18 miles West of Lampasas,  

5 miles East of Bend and 10 miles Southwest of Lometa.


(325) 628-3433

Monday - Thursday 10 - 5 pm

Friday & Saturday 10 - 6 pm

Sunday 12 - 5 pm


Groups of 6 or more, Please call and make

reservations at least 3 days in advance if possible.

Service Dogs are Welcome

All other leashed dogs are welcome outside on the property.

No outside food or beverages or coolers, please.

The Vineyard Tasting Room will host Fiesta Club Members' Wine Club Pick-up Parties the following days:

Sat., March 13, 2021
Sat., June 12, 2021
Sat., September 11, 2021
Sat., December 11, 2021

Open to the public.

Enjoy some Menu items with your Wine


Fire Brick Oven Artisan Pizzas Served

Medium is $22

Saturday & Sunday Only

Cream Cheese and Raspberry Chipotle Food

Cream Cheese & Raspberry Chipotle glaze or Roasted Pineapple Habanero glaze with crackers $10

Meat and Cheese Plate

Meat & Cheese Plate $25


Book your Event at the Vineyard


Venue Rental

The rental of Fiesta Winery® can include: the tasting room, outdoor patio, men’s & women’s restrooms and yard space. Fiesta Winery® is available to rent Thursday – Saturday 6 pm to 11 pm & Sundays 12 noon to 6 pm. These hours are subject to change depending on the date and time of year.


• No other alcohol besides the wine Fiesta Winery® provides is allowed on the property of Fiesta Winery®. Any other alcohol on the property of Fiesta Winery® other than the wine Fiesta Winery® provides is against Texas Alcohol & Beverage Commission laws. Fiesta Winery® has a zero tolerance policy regarding this rule and will shut down any event that breaches this rule.


• No alcohol will be served to or consumed by any person under 21 years of age. The bar will be closed immediately if the winery staff observes guests that appear intoxicated. Fiesta Winery® staff reserves the right to refuse to serve any event guest. 


• Wine will be poured by Fiesta Winery® Staff behind the bar between the hours of your event stated on the contract with last call 15 minutes prior to the end of the event. 


• All facility rentals gain access to Fiesta Winery® on the date of the event after 3 pm. This time is for you to do any extra decorating and organizing. This is not your event time and guests are not allowed to arrive at Fiesta Winery until your event starts. Remember Fiesta Winery’s normal Tasting Room Hours are Friday and Saturday 10am to 6 pm, Sunday 11 to 6 pm. Between these hours there will be wine tastings, tours, and other business conducted. 


• All functions are given 30 minutes for tear down and clean up. The winery must be cleaned, parking lot cleared. For example, if your event is from 6 pm to 10 pm your guests are required to leave by 10:00 pm and the facility must be locked by 10:30 pm. 


• The event representative and/or attendees of a function are responsible for tearing down and cleaning up anything that was not provided by Fiesta Winery® or that was moved around for the event. This includes but is not limited to; center pieces, table decorations, flowers, plates, napkins, food items, etc… 


• A 50% facility rental deposit is required to reserve a date; all facility rental deposits are non-refundable upon cancellation. Reservations are NOT guaranteed until receipt of deposit. The remaining balance of the facility rental fee is due 15 days prior to the date of the event unless other arrangements have been made. Fiesta Winery® reserves the right to cancel any event for non-payment. 


• Any damages to the winery or its property will be the financial responsibility of the event representative or person whose signature is on the contract. 


• Photographs are allowed during events. 


• Fiesta Winery® is a Non-Smoking facility. Guests may smoke outside of the winery.


• Decorations are welcome, however no confetti, rice, or glitter of any kind is allowed. Birdseed may be used outside of the winery. 


• The tasting room and outdoor patio area have a built-in sound system that comes with all rentals. The sound system can play CDs and IPods. All patrons using the sound system must be assisted by a Fiesta Winery® staff member. 


Venue Prices


Event Rental is for three hours. Anything over three hours is $100 per hour after. Price includes use of all Fiesta Winery® tables, chairs, bar stools which seats about 125 people. Any seating or tables needed beyond that will have to be rented. The Wine Bar will be open during your event for available purchases of wine by the glass or by the bottle.


• Tasting Room Only - 300

• Outdoor Patio Area - 350 

• Tasting room, outdoor patio area and yard - 1,000


We apologize, but we no longer host weddings or wedding receptions at the vineyard.


For any additional information or to schedule your event, please contact us during office hours, Monday - Friday 9 - 5 pm.