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About the Baxter~McCoury Family & Ranch


Fiesta Winery® is nestled deep in the heart of Texas on the Baxter Ranch along the Colorado River. The ranch has been family owned for over six generations and is built on love, respect, and family. With this inspiration, Stephen Baxter decided to grow grapes on the family land. After tending the vines for some time, Steve and Sally, along with their daughter, Savannah, entertained the idea of making their own wine. The trio began to create what would become their most incredible adventure yet... Fiesta Winery®.  

Not long before they were forced out of the family kitchen and into a larger space. With the larger area came the need for more help. Their son-in-law, Weston McCoury, and son, Shane Baxter, rose enthusiastically to the cause. Fiesta Winery was quickly becoming a growing success!  

With the growing wine industry in the Fredericksburg area, Fiesta Winery® opened its first off-site tasting room on Main Street in 2012. The location became a true blessing allowing the expansion of Fiesta’s second off-site tasting room, Fredericksburg 290

Today, Fiesta Winery® is still striving to bring superior wine, full of love, from their family to yours. Stephen and Sally Baxter oversee all aspects of the business, constantly looking for new opportunities.

As the Winemaker and General Manager, Weston (Savannah’s husband) brings the family’s love to you by handcrafting each wine and overseeing the vineyards. Weston’s craftsmanship and attention to detail have rewarded the family with some of their proudest moments in the wine industry.  

Savannah is the expertise behind graphic designs and social marketing, as well as the creative talent seen in Fiesta Winery’s catchy names and picturesque labels. She keeps each tasting room stocked with gift merchandise while tending to Savy Ray’s Boutique.    

Fiesta Winery® invites you to stop in, grab a bottle of wine, enjoy some company, and spend some time at any of their extraordinary locations; let the Fiesta Family become a part of yours!

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