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Find a Local Retailer

Fiesta Winery® wines are available at more than 200 retail stores throughout Texas.

Thanks to you, that list keeps growing!

Every store carries a different variety of our wines, to ensure they have your favorites, remember to call ahead.


We self-distributed for two and half years, then in 2013, we signed with Republic Distribution, and Fiesta Winery® wines became available statewide.

Republic Distribution services most stores that carry alcohol. They distribute 10 of our wines: Lime in the Coconut, Texas Well Water, Happy Trails, Skinny Dippin', Rhinestone Cowgirl, Savannah Rose, Heart of Texas Red, Back Porch Sittin', Home Sweet Home and Texas Summer Night. 

How to get Fiesta Winery® wine in your Neighborhood Stores


We need your help in getting Fiesta Winery® wines carried in your neighborhood stores.  The process can be slow, but "the wheel that squeaks the loudest, gets fixed." Just visit with your store's Manager, ask them to carry Fiesta Wines, and get your friends to request it, too!

We appreciate your business and we thank you for helping us to reach our goal, of making it easier for you to buy Fiesta Winery® wines where it's most convenient.

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