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What makes WINE so special?!?

What is it that makes wine so dang special? I mean come on it's like the cool new thing these days! Nowadays, people take vacations to go wine tasting, in Texas no less! Yes, Texas makes some really great wines if you haven't already heard. But lets start simple: understanding why wine is so special.

I want you as a consumer to know why WINE is so dang special.

If you can for a moment imagine your life right this very moment: Think about who you are as an individual. Your quirks, your knowledge, your past. Did you change over time? Do you look back and think- Wow I was so different back then! Think about all of the moments when you knew that this choice would define who you would be when you grew up. We all have multiple defining moments that create us to be individuals instead of just humans.

The very same unique timeline that created you, is similar to what will create a bottle of wine.

Pictured: Weston McCoury, Winemaker for Fiesta Winery and his son Rhett are tending to the vines in the estate vineyard.

Think about all of the tiny moments that got you to where you are right now. That choice to go to work or call in sick. What about that day you decided to take a different path and see new things on your morning run? That time you decided to challenge yourself instead of doing the same thing every day. I realize these choices may seem small to you, as if they have no real affect on the greater scheme of life.

Consider this: A rainstorm can affect how wine may taste in a bottle. One rainstorm that was placed toward the end of a growing season can change it all. FACT: Rain towards the end of a season dilutes the sugars in the berry because the grape retains the water which, in turn, will make the flavors in the wine more diluted. Where as a berry with less water under the skin will have a more concentrated flavor and natural sugar. This is a result we see after grapes are done fermenting. (Fermentation: Sugar + Yeast= Alcohol)

Most vineyard owners pray that no rainstorms come their way in the last 6 weeks of a growing season so that the berries can be more concentrated before harvest. PPSSSSTTT parts of Texas are considered a dry desert! This is why we can grow grapes!

Which leads us to the conversation about the dirt that’s under your feet. You know the kind of stuff that we walk on everyday and pay very little attention to? Dirt can change the way a single varietal tastes in that bottle you are enjoying right now versus one from another country with different type of dirt. Minerals, nutrients, and many other components in the earths surface get absorbed into the grapevine from the roots and the grapes then take on a slight taste characteristic of what is present in the ground of that area.

Whether it’s a $1,000 bottle or a $10 bottle; there is something unique about every single one. That is what makes wine so special. Wine is versatile, its unique, and it evolves just as the earth does. It could be the most awful wine you have ever tasted but you must respect the journey.

A lot of grapes died while making your wine- show some respect!

Reflection: Recognize what makes you a unique individual. Remember your flaws are what make you better. Even if the bottle is bad to you, that bottle of wine went through a unique journey and someone learned something. Someone else may love the flavors that you don't like. As long as we learn something, then no experience is ever wasted. Someone may have learned the hard way on what not to drink!

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