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The Perfect Wine For Your Grill

(Singing) “Country Road, take me home…”

While all of our wines are delectable, Fiesta Winery's Country Road is especially unique. It is a blend of three different grapes, 50% Tempranillo, 25% Primitivo, and 25% Mourvedre, which gives this wine a one-of-a-kind flavor and body. When you take your first sip of Country Road, you will detect heavy notes of peppers and char. This combination is the result of the reaction between an American oak barrel and the blend itself. As it aerates, the wine becomes softer, featuring fruity plum and black cherry flavors. The grapes used to create Country Road were all grown in the High Plains region of Texas. This renowned, dry desert area offers rich-mineral, red dirt and sandy loam topsoil, making it an ideal climate for the production of nearly 80% of the state’s grapes.

Tempranillo is a black Spanish varietal that is commonly grown in the Rioja region. Its name is the diminutive of the Spanish temprano ("early"), as it typically ripens several weeks earlier than most Spanish red grapes. Today, you will find the grape grown in several different Texas regions, as our arid climate is similar to that of Spain’s, and we sit in a similar latitude to the equator. Tempranillo is quickly becoming recognized as the grape of Texas. However, we are still in our early growth years as an industry, with many other grapes to offer. Tempranillo is well-known for its black pepper spice taste, which is what adds so much character to our Country Road wine.

When you’re tired of pinot noirs or cabernet sauvignon, try a juicy primitivo that orginates from the southern tip of Italy. Primitivo, the Italian name for zinfandel, has shed its past as an obscure blending grape in inexpensive wines, and it is now being made into distinctive, high-quality, varietal wines. We love it for its big jammy flavors.

Mourvedre is likely a French-apted name for the Spanish word Murviedro, a grape now found all over the Rhone and Provence areas of France but believed to have originated in Spain. Mourvedre typically yields a tannic flavor that encompasses more minerality from the area in which it is grown. Blended into our Country Road, Mourvedre delivers undertones of poblano pepper or even a mild jalapeno.

The complexity of the Country Road blend (allowing both spice and charr, as well as the fruiter notes) makes it the perfect wine for fajitas. With summer officially upon us, we can all appreciate a wine that pairs with our passion for grilling! Country Road also pairs well with smoked meats like brisket, ribs, and sausage. From our family to yours, happy grilling and cheers!

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