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Fiesta Frozen Peach Bellini

Need to cool off a little? We have the perfect drink to help you do just that. Cool off this summer with our Frozen Peach Bellini!

Frozen Peach Bellini

Sliced Frozen Peaches

2 oz Peach Schnapps


5 oz of Fiesta Winery's Happy Trails (Peach Wine)

Top it off with a splash of Fiesta Winery's Texas Summer Nights (Blueberry Wine)

In a small to medium-sized blender (I used my to-go blender that I make protein shakes in) add the Peach Schnapps and the Happy Trails then fill the blender up with ice and frozen sliced peaches. Blend all the ingredients and pour into a large glass. Pour about 1 oz of Texas Summer Nights for a little blueberry kick! One blender bottle full makes 2 glasses and if you use a larger blender double or triple the measurements above.

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