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Celebrate the Arrival of Spring with Fiesta Winery's New White Wines

With spring in Texas comes a season of renewal and blossoming beauty, the perfect backdrop to explore the light, refreshing flavors of white wine. Fiesta Winery's 2023 collection of white wines captures the essence of this vibrant season, each variety offering a unique way to enjoy the warming weather and blooming landscapes.

Fiesta Vineyard in the Spring

Embrace the Floral Bouquet of Spring

As flowers unfurl across Texas, the Mustang Sally mirrors this floral explosion with its orange blossom and jasmine bouquet. This complex blend of Pinot Grigio, Viognier, Riesling, and Trebbiano ensures a crisp, clean finish, echoing the fresh, clear skies of a Texas spring.

A Symphony of Aromas

The Albariño and Viognier bring a delightful array of floral notes. The Albariño, with its pale straw hue, unfolds with aromas of honeysuckle and pear, while the full-bodied Viognier is redolent with peach and jasmine, each promising a refreshing finish that's perfect for a sunny day.

Refresh with a Hint of Fruit

For those who prefer a fruitier touch, the Riesling and Muscat Blanc stand out. The Riesling delights with its nectarine and clove aromas complemented by zesty acidity, whereas the Muscat Blanc offers a smooth mouthfeel with vibrant orange blossom and peach flavors.

Fiesta Winery Vineyard

Light and Zesty Choices

The Pinot Grigio and Trebbiano are excellent choices for those seeking zest and lightness. The Pinot Grigio is bright and lively, offering notes of apple and citrus balanced with fresh lime. The Trebbiano impresses with its vibrant citrus bouquet and subtle pear hints, which are ideal for an afternoon relaxing on the porch.

Unique and Enchanting Flavors

For a unique tasting experience, the Roussanne and Gewürztraminer provide intriguing options. The Roussanne dazzles with its honey and apricot aromas, followed by a fruity finish of melon and apple. Meanwhile, the Gewürztraminer presents a spritzy finish with lemon custard and stone fruit aromas.

Enjoy the Season

As Texas springs into full bloom, these new white wines, all bottled in 2023, are perfect for enjoying the season's renewal. Whether hosting a spring celebration, enjoying a quiet afternoon in the garden, or savoring the longer days, there's a perfect bottle waiting to be uncorked. Enjoy the freshness, the floral notes, and the crisp finishes of these select whites as they bring the essence of spring right to your glass.


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