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Introducing West Texan—A Tribute to Resilience and Love in the Rugged Terrain of Big Bend

A Sip of History, A Toast to Grit

Fiesta Winery is ecstatic to introduce our newest dry red blend, West Texan, a medium-bodied dry red wine comprised of 70% Tempranillo and 30% Sangiovese. Before opening the bottle, you will notice (and likely be drawn to) the vintage photograph on the front label, which captures the essence of Ray Ogle – Fiesta Winery owner Sally Baxter’s grandfather – and original West Texas pioneer whose tale of grit, determination, and love reflects the very soul of this wine.

Fiesta Winery Tasting Room

The Story Behind the Label

It was during the bleak era of the Great Depression that Ray Ogle and his devoted wife Clarice ventured into the rugged, unforgiving landscapes of Big Bend. Life was incredibly difficult; the couple weathered harsh climates, from sweltering heat to biting cold, sometimes making a tent their home. Yet, they endured, building their homestead brick by brick while raising a family. But facing circumstances that would have broken lesser souls only fortified their resilience. During a particularly difficult stretch, Ray even turned to bootlegging, taking whatever steps were necessary to put food on the table. Clarice and Ray raised their daughter Betty Ray (Sally Baxter’s mother!) in a home that imbued her with traditional core values: the virtues of hard labor, the happiness found in life's simplest moments, and a love of family so strong that it's become the inheritance of subsequent generations, including the Baxter family of Fiesta Winery.

Meet West Texan: A Blend of Heritage and Flavor

Much like the Ogle family, West Texan is a blend of resilient elements, resulting in a ruby-red medium-bodied wine that captures your senses from the first sip to the last. Some tasting notes include an enticing vanilla aroma, setting the stage for dark fruit notes and mouthwatering tannins. The finish offers a complex yet comforting hint of pepper. West Texan pairs beautifully with 1894 Baxter Ranch Angus-Wagyu beef, such as a ribeye steak tomahawk or a boneless strip loin steak.

Fiesta Winery Tasting Room at 290

Why You Should Try West Texan

If you appreciate a wine that tells a story, West Texan is for you. Each bottle is not just a blend of grape varieties; it's a journey through time and a blend of histories, lives lived to the fullest despite the odds, and the unbreakable spirit of many Texans before us who refused to give in, no matter their tribulations.

When you take a sip of West Texan, you're not just tasting wine—you're experiencing a legacy of resilience and love that has spanned generations. So, the next time you find yourself at a Fiesta Winery tasting room, ask for the wine that offers more than great taste. Choose West Texan, a wine worthy of its name and the pioneer gracing its label.

Cheers to Ray, the Ogle family, and all West Texans whose grit and determination continue to inspire us all.


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