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Thanksgiving Wine Pairings: Elevate Your Holiday Feast with Fiesta Winery's Seasonal Selections

Thanksgiving: a time of gratitude, family, and of course, a feast! It's a tradition woven into the fabric of our lives, bringing us together in gratitude to celebrate togetherness. This year, enhance your Thanksgiving table with a touch of Texas tradition. Fiesta Winery, a family-owned gem with tasting rooms located in Bend, Marble Falls, and Fredericksburg, has crafted a unique collection of wines that perfectly complement the diverse flavors of your holiday spread. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy one of these seasonal delicacies by stopping into one of our locations this holiday season. 

Fiesta Winery Tasting Room

 The Perfect Pairings for Your Thanksgiving Table

No matter how your family feasts, there is a Fiesta wine to help make your meal a celebration. Enjoy one of the following seasonal varieties with your Thanksgiving spread! Available by purchase online or in our tasting rooms.

Christmas Cheer - A Toast to Gratitude

Let every sip of Christmas Cheer remind you of the things you're thankful for and the memories yet to come. This spiced, mulled red wine beautifully complements your golden-brown Thanksgiving turkey. Its sweetness offers a delightful contrast, making each bite of turkey more flavorful.

Sweet Dreams - The Fabric of Family Gatherings

Sweet Dreams embodies the warmth of family gatherings. It’s an ideal match for the glazed ham, a staple at many Thanksgiving dinners. The wine’s sweetness and the ham’s savory notes create a harmonious blend that’s as comforting as the laughter around the table.

Gather Together - A Celebration in Every Glass

Thanksgiving is synonymous with gathering, and what better way to honor this than with a glass of Gather Together? This chardonnay-style white wine accentuates the subtle flavors of your stuffing, enhancing the herbs and bread with its fruity notes, making it a delightful addition to one of the day’s central dishes.

Smolder - The Heartwarming Finale

Smolder, a luxurious dessert wine, is like the final act of your Thanksgiving dinner theater. Pair it with a slice of pumpkin pie, and watch as the Toffee and Charred Marshmellow flavors dance in a delicate ballet, creating a heartwarming finale to your meal.

Sweet Bailey Ray - The Essence of Family Recipes

Sweet Bailey Ray, a velvety dessert wine, is the perfect companion to your family’s secret pecan pie recipe. The wine's chocolate and orange hints elevate the nuttiness of the pecan pie, making each mouthful a tribute to family traditions passed down through generations.

Fiesta Winery: A Thanksgiving Tradition in the Making

In the midst of the Thanksgiving hustle, remember to cherish the moments of calm. Fiesta Winery invites you to create a new tradition–a serene escape to our vineyards the day after Thanksgiving. Fiesta after the Feast is your chance to step away from the leftovers and enjoy the relaxation you deserve after the big day.

Thanksgiving is not just about the food; it's about the stories, the laughter, and the bonds we strengthen. With Fiesta Winery's specially curated wines, every toast is a nod to traditions old and new. So gather your loved ones, fill your glasses, and let's give thanks for the moments that truly matter. Cheers to traditions, cheers to family, and cheers to the perfect pairing!


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