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Beat the Heat with these Refreshing and Fun Wine-based Cocktails from Fiesta Winery

Nothing beats the refreshing nature of cold, well-crafted wine-based cocktails from Fiesta Winery when the summer heat peaks. At Fiesta, we believe Texas wines are versatile ingredients, transforming popular flavors into delightful and refreshing cocktails using your favorite Fiesta Winery wines. Whether you are familiar with wine-based cocktails or trying them for the first time, we have a few tips and tricks that will be a hit with your crew. Join us as we explore three of our many fan-favorite, wine-based drinks that will help you beat the heat and elevate your Texas Hill Country summer gatherings.

Fiesta Winery wine bottle and glass near beach

Our Favorite Wine-Based Cocktails!

Follow the recipes below or peruse our blog for more options, don't forget to stock up on wine by visiting one of our tasting room locations, where you can enjoy a wine tasting to select your favorite flavors.

  • The Sparkling Wine-Gria is a lively and flavorful twist on the classic Sangria. Bursting with vibrant flavors and colorful fruit, this drink is perfect for sharing with friends at a summer barbecue or event. Start by pouring a bottle of Fiesta Winery's Texas Bubbles and Fiesta Winery Home Sweet Home into a large pitcher. Combine orange liquor and sliced fruits. Let the flavors meld together in the refrigerator for a few hours, allowing the fruit to infuse the wine. Serve over ice and garnish with a sprig of mint or a slice of lime for a truly refreshing experience.

  • Capture the essence of summer with a Frozen Peach Bellini, a delightful blend of peaches, wine, and a touch of elegance. Begin by freezing sliced, ripe peaches until they are firm. Once frozen, blend ice, peaches, and Peach Schnapps with Fiesta Winery's Happy Trails. Pour the mixture into champagne flutes or your favorite cocktail glasses, and top with a splash of Fiesta Winery Texas Summer Night. This icy treat is a perfect companion for brunch or a late afternoon gathering, offering a yummy pop of peach with a surprising punch of blueberry.

  • Combine the vibrant energy of a margarita with the refreshment of Fiesta Winery Texas Bubbles, and you get Fiesta's Bubble Margarita—a playful and bubbly twist on a beloved classic. Begin by rimming a glass with salt and filling it with ice. Squeeze fresh lime juice into the glass, and add a splash of Triple Sec and two ounces of your favorite white tequila. Top it off with a generous pour of Fiesta Winery's Texas Bubbles. Stir gently to combine the flavors, creating a delightful, fancy, and fun fusion. The Bubble Margarita is perfect for a summer Fiesta, offering a refreshing burst of flavor that will help you fight the summer heat.

front door to tasting room at fiesta winery

Stop Into One of Our Hill Country Tasting Rooms!

As the temperatures rise, it's time to indulge in the refreshing world of wine-based cocktails. Fiesta Winery offers a variety of yummy options to help you beat the heat and elevate your summer gatherings. So, grab your favorite Fiesta Winery wine, gather your friends and family, and make your summer unforgettable. Find these and many more fun wine-based cocktail recipes in our blog, and don’t forget to visit one of our Central Texas locations for a wine tasting and to try our latest and greatest frozen wine-based cocktails year-round. To pick up your favorite bottles of wine closer to home, we can help you find a local retailer. Cheers to beating the heat in style!


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